Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Summer Nights, everybody are you with me"

Jamie & her mom, Jan
 At Brio celebrating Jan's 60th!
Jamie's brother, Jason, & sister-n-law Megan
We LOVE Brio!  YUM
AND...we LOVE Jan!
Daren was a hit with Jamie's nephews
Brandy's bridal shower
The "girls" from work & handsome Bentley
My work family
Justin & Jon Marc showcasing my 4th of July cake
Carter's first 4th of July
4th of July at Justin & Addie's
One of my favorite days of the year
Addie & Mrs. Gannon
My cousin Concetta's wedding
My cousin Dylan & the adorable flower girl
(she had her eye on him the whole night...she was a girl on a mission)
Take note of the bridesmaids' dresses
NOW...take note of mine...YIKES!
(Mom, sorry your eyes were closed!  It's the only picture I have 
of me in the dress!  The bunny ears are compliments of Dad.)
Our first Clippers game #1 in the new stadium
#2 as the minor league team for the INDIANS!
(Note: Daren wore a Red Sox shirt...shame on him)
Marty & Kim
It was Dime A Dog nite...I thought Daren
was kidding when he said we were getting 10 dogs...NOPE!
I only ate 2!
The new Clippers stadium
Baby Henry visits work
with Linsey
With Karen
With Brandy
With me
Painting our office
The first 4 colors were ones we were convinced we'd choose from.
Thank goodness for sample sizes, because we went with the 6th one!
Daren diligently taping, I later found out
I'm not so good at trimming.
Christina's Baby Shower
Me, Christina, Linsey & Becky

...don't go summer...not yet!  Is it really already the end of August?  It's been so sad all week to see all the little kiddos at work talk about starting school!  What a bummer!  Time flies way too fast!  And to think we've only crashed my old apartment pool 3 times!  

We have had an amazing summer with family and friends!  Just thought I'd recap on some days during the Summer of '09!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 30th Jon Marc!

Sunday Funday at the Tidball's for Jon Marc's 30th Birthday...

Jon Marc & Carter
The Boys
Gigi & I enjoyed the book "Mr. Messy"
we got to know this book quite well
Proud Uncle Daren
Silly Uncle Daren
Addie & Leo
The Gang
Isabell, Me, Carter, Daren, Justin, Addie, Fred & Charlotte
Addie & I finishing off some snacks
Apparently, I'm pretty funny to look at


Bill & Robin
Renee & Paul
Paula & Rowland
Jim & Felicia
Megan & Brian
Kim & Marty
George & Daren
Daren's Co-workers

Congratulations Tammy and Dave!  At the end of June we went to our first official Greek wedding!  The Greek Orthodox Church was beautiful on University of Akron's campus, there was no shortage of olives at the reception, Stavros and the Professionals rocked the night away, and Tammy and Dave make such a great couple!  It was so fun to be a part of wedding truly centered around family and friends...reminds me of where we come from!  

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Sweet Summertime"

Alex "Beast", Christina "Bean", Daren & Me
at The Square Grouper...YUM

Bean & Alex
at Boondocks...Love 'em!

Bean, Sarah "Snoop", Me & Ivers
at Boondocks

Daren & I at The Hemmingway House

Daren, Pat, John, Me & Ivers
at The Hemmingway House

Totally "Key West" and us...being us!

The BEST mojito ever!

Indication of how interested I was on
the Ghost Tour

The Dry Tortugas

Travis, John, Ivy, Daren, Me, Pat & Bean
at The Island Grill (one of our favs)

The Jagodnik/Lynch Family

The girls at a local dive

The cutest brother and sister-n-law
picture...I love it!!!

Snoop and Bean at Sea Base
(good little worker bees)

You have to have one...a frozen
cocktail at Flying Monkey

Pat, Travis, Bean, John, Ivy, Me & Daren

Sisters at Finnegan's Wake

The Irish...and Italian at Finnegan's Wake

Ivy, John, Bean, Alex, Lizzie & Daren
at Big Pine Restaurant...our last morning...I hate goodbyes!

I cannot believe summer is halfway over!  We could not have started our summer off any better!  The first week of June we flew down to Key West to visit my sister and meet up with our best friends, Ivy, John and Pat.  As the 3rd annual trip, it was the best of them all!  We have our favorite restaurants which are a must, the hot spots which occupy our days, and new touristy attractions we added to our week.  Bean was an incredible host, as always, and her friends are a wonderful reflection of my awesome sister!  The highlight...we finally got to meet Alex, and we love him!

Christina truly lives in Paradise!  We had days by the pool, house projects, incredible meals, the Hemmingway House, a Ghost Tour, an adventure to the Dry Tortugas, the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor, walks down Duval, local bars, Key Deer sightings, and countless laughs, conversations and unforgettable memories!